In December 2018, ComReg announced that calls to the Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN) 1850, 1890, 0818 and 076, would cost no more than the cost of calling an Irish landline number from 1 December 2019.

This means that if you receive bundled minutes through your phone provider, now calls to these numbers will be included in these minutes.

Explaining Ireland’s Non-Geographic Numbers

1850 – Call Save Numbers

A Call Save Number allows customers to call your business for any amount of time at a fixed rate. The customer pays this fixed rate and the business who owns the numbers will pay the rest.

These numbers are used to provide customers with cheaper calls when calls last for extended periods of time. These numbers are often used in contact centres.

1890 – Lo-Call Numbers

An 1890 number is known as a Lo-Call number. It was devised to allow customers to call businesses from all over the country, for a flat local rate. Lo-call numbers allow you to call a business on the other side of the country, for the same cost as calling a business around the corner.

0818 – National Numbers

An 0818 number is known as a National Call number. It allows customers to pay a local rate for a call from anywhere in Ireland. These numbers are used by businesses to promote a national presence through their phone numbers.

076 – VoIP Numbers

076 is a prefix that can be used for calling VoIP phones. This number range can be costly compared to other NGN ranges and isn’t required for VoIP calling.

I own a NGN, what will I be charged now?

This is yet to be decided by ComReg, with a decision to be made in the next two months. We will keep the website updated with any further news that is released.

NGN numbers to be reduced to two ranges by January 2022

In the same announcement, ComReg stated that they will reduce the NGN ranges available to just 0818 and 1800 by 1 January 2022.

1800 – Freephone/Toll-free Numbers

Freephone or Toll-free numbers provide customers with a free contact method, with the business paying the total cost of the call.

These numbers can be used for customer service and sales and sales and marketing teams, providing a low-cost tool for campaigns.

Preparing for the changes

If you currently own any of the above NGN ranges, please get in touch and we can advise you on the best solution moving forward.

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