In2tel deliver bespoke telecommunications services built around your business

Active in the Irish market for over ten years, there's a strong chance you have already used us without knowing it. That's because we process call traffic and telecoms solutions for some of Ireland's most forward thinking companies including major utility suppliers, government departments, finance houses and beyond. In addition we provide a full featured, easy to manage telecoms solution to emerging enterprises. Our explosive growth over the past ten years has enabled us to invest in the most responsive, secure and stable telecoms platform currently available in the Irish market. It's so good that our re-seller channel now sees us providing our solution to an ever growing number of telecoms companies who recognise that the In2tel platform is quite simply the most powerful telecoms solution available in Ireland..

Calls & Lines

Make it easier to manage your calls with our unique tailored solutions. Our Calls & Lines packages deliver added functionality and reduced costs along with benefiting from live real time statistics and our unique fraud prevention service.

Call Centre Solutions

Our Call Centre Solutions deliver the tools required to deliver an effective, stable and data aware platform to maximise your call centre environment. These solutions are built to scale with your business making them suitable for small and large seat call centres alike.

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