If a single handset is affected by crackling or static then this points to the internal equipment in your house/office and you may be able to fix this problem yourself. If all your phones are affected, the noise is likely caused by external equipment and should be left to your phone provider.

One phone

These troubleshooting steps may help:

  1. If you have multiple phone sockets in your home or office, try plugging the affected handset into the master socket. If the noise disappears, it is likely to the original socket the phone was plugged into.

You have several options:

    • Your service provider may offer to replace this for free.
    • Hire an electrician to do it.
    • Replace the socket yourself.
  1. Try a different phone cable or curly cord. Wiggle the cord during a call to see if it affects the static noise. If wiggling the cord changes the frequency or pitch of the static, you’ll need to replace the cord. If you rent your phone, contact your handset provider and they should change this for you.
  2. If your phone is connected to a splitter, or any other similar device, remove the splitter and connect the phone directly to the socket or master socket.Phone-Splitter-example
  3. If nothing has helped reduce the static or noise, it may be the phone causing the trouble. If it’s a rental phone, contact your provider.  in2tel customers should contact 0818 28 6666.

All phones

If you have static, or a crackling noise on all phones, it is likely external equipment causing the problem and therefore it’s best to contact your service provider about the problem. in2tel customers can contact issue@in2tel.ie or call 0818 28 66 66 and press option 2, then option 1.

1. Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring is one of the main causes for static and crackling noises on a phone line. Over time wires can become loose or damaged, generating small interruptions that result in crackling. To address this issue, you should contact your phone line service provider.

2. Weather

If you can hear a noise on the line during, or shortly after rain or lightning strikes, this could be caused by the weather.

Due to the electricity in a Lightning strike, this can cause interference on a line, which results in a intermittent popping noise. Once the weather has passed the noise should go away.

If you experience crackling noise on your phone line frequently when it rains, the phone line will need to be inspected for water damage and your telephone provider should be contacted to do this for you. When speaking to an agent, state that it only occurs when it rains.

3. Other Devices on the line

If you have multiple devices using the phone line, such as a fax machine; try disconnecting these devices one at a time, to test if they are affecting the line. Other devices have been known to cause noise on the line, due to where they are located, or if they’re not connected correctly.

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