Why your business needs VoIP phone system

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In simpler terms, it means that the technology is delivered over the Internet or a private network. All you need is a SIP desk phone, a mobile or a computer and you can access the phone system from anywhere with an Internet connection.

A VoIP phone system is a modern replacement for an analogue phone system where the hardware would be stored on-premise. Like traditional analogue systems, a VoIP system can also be kept on-premise, but more commonly businesses are opting for hosted/cloud systems.


Mobility, flexibility, and remote working

Hosted VoIP systems deliver the service through browsers and applications, this allows users to connect to the system from anywhere with an Internet connection and allows for working on the road, or from home.

in2pbx is our hosted VoIP phone system; like other VoIP phone systems, it allows users to set a ring strategy between a desktop phone, their mobile, and their computer. 

In this scenario below, the desktop and mobile will ring on the first attempt and if not answered, the desktop will then ring. If the user does not answer at all or has their presence set to “Busy” the call will go to voicemail.


This allows workers to be more productive. You do not need to be at your desk to wait for a phone call, and you do not need to set up your phone, whenever you leave the office. 

For businesses that have multiple sites or work-from-home policies, workers can switch between workstations with ease and without the worry of missing an important call.

VoIP Phone System features

One of the main reasons businesses switch to VoIP is the features that come ready to use with modern phone systems. Features such as disaster recovery, call routing and monitoring can all be done from within the system and without the need for additional services or pieces of hardware.

These features go a long way to improving customer satisfaction, reducing waiting times and making sure communication runs smoothly.

To view an extensive list of features in2pbx can offer click here.


With traditional phone systems, there is always a total capacity. Once the maximum number of lines has been reached a new piece of hardware or a complete system upgrade would be required. Adding new users to a VoIP phone system can be done almost immediately by the vendor or administrator, there is no maximum capacity as they can just increase the hardware capacity from their end without any disruption.

Unified communications

If the VoIP phone system has an API, it can integrate with other applications such as CRMs, email providers and video platforms. Most vendors make this process easy with no need for a developer, it can either be done on request or through the application.


in2pbx comes with a built-in chat feature and conferencing technology for quick messages and internal and external meetings.

Hardware and reliability

No physical infrastructure is required for your business. You can use physical IP handsets but even these are not a requirement. 

IP handsets only require an Internet connection and can be easily moved without additional configuration. 


As a Cloud service, your VoIP phone system will not rely on a single piece of hardware, so it’s much harder for a technology failure to take you offline. That’s not to say there can’t be issues on your provider’s side, but these will not be your responsibility and your provider will have engineers on standby to sort these issues.

VoIP is dependent on an Internet connection and in an office environment, having a good broadband speed is essential.

Things to consider

Can I use my existing phone with VoIP?

IP-enabled phones will be able to use VoIP. For in2pbx, we have created an extension registration page for various phone models on the market.

For an existing analogue phone to work with VoIP, you will need an Analogue Telephone Adaptor (ATA). In most cases, it may be easier to upgrade to an IP phone for its functionality with VoIP services.

VoIP phone system requirements

We’ve written a blog page that goes over the numbers. You can find this at How fast does my broadband need to be for VoIP?

How much does a VoIP phone system cost?

Most VoIP phone systems are priced either per line or per user, per month. Most providers will offer packages with different levels of services but you can expect to pay between €5 – €10 per user, per month based on your requirements.

If you’d like to find out more information about VoIP phone systems or to enquire about in2pbx please drop us a message in live chat, via the contact form and one of our agents will answer your questions.


About in2tel

in2tel is a telecoms carrier and solution provider that’s been operating in Ireland and the UK for 15 years. It provides organisations with an affordable, bespoke design that is often found in large-scale enterprises. in2tel’s services provide communication channels for contact centres, sales and marketing teams and internal departments for a large variety of small businesses and SMEs.