The term ‘Trunking’ has been around for over 100 years and is used to describe multiple callers accessing the same telephone service by sharing telephone lines, rather than one call per line.

SIP Trunking is the transfer of data and the ability for lots of calls to travel through a single network connection.

When companies like ourselves talk about SIP Trunking today, we’re talking about the whole process of a call transfer using SIP. Leaving your organisation via a PBX, through our network and to its destination, this can be across a PTSN (public switched telephone network) or the Internet.


SIP Trunk Providers

A SIP trunks provider offers digital telecommunication services over the Internet. These services can be procured in various ways including converting existing telephone systems, a hosted telephone system or the use of the software applications.

What are SIP Channels?

When SIP is sold, the price per channel is often the unit advertised. A SIP Channel is simply a way of grouping the amount of bandwidth needed to transfer a call through a SIP connection. You’ll often find that SIP Channels are sold in batches.

The number of channels you require is based on the number of calls your business will run at any one time. The beauty of SIP Channels is that they are scalable, and they can be added or removed with ease when you’re expecting a busy or quiet period.

Is SIP the same as VoIP?

SIP and VoIP are both protocols that describe voice and data communications over the Internet.

  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a broad term used to describe voice communications made over the Internet
  • SIP is one of the protocols that enable VoIP to take place.

An example of a VoIP call would be a WhatsApp call that uses your home broadband or mobile data.

What are the benefits of SIP Trunks?

Increased telephony features

IP telephony allows the use of a huge range of telephony features that can advance your contact centre. The features can quickly be implemented when needed and can be managed by the provider or the customer depending on the agreement.

Unlimited call capacity

SIP Trunking allows a single number to answer numerous calls at any time. Customers will no longer hear an engaged tone and your office will be able to answer calls from dozens of calls to a single number.

The ability to build a presence

As SIP phone numbers are virtual, there are no regional regulations that state what the number must be. This can allow your business to appear like it’s coming from a specific town even though you’re calling from a mobile or fixed location.

Save money on call costs and line rental

The cost of a SIP call is much less than a traditional phone call saving you money on both line rental and call costs.

Easily scalable

Flexibility around the business is a benefit in any department. SIP channels can be added or removed almost instantly. This is perfect for businesses who face seasonality, are running marketing and sales campaigns or are just adding capacity.

Built-in business continuity

SIP providers will have continuity measures built into their SIP equipment, so that if something was to break, channels will swap to backup equipment, with little to no downtime.

Free internal calls

This can be a huge saving for businesses with multiple sites. All internal calls in single or multiple offices will be free.

About in2tel

in2tel is a telecoms carrier and solution provider that’s been operating in Ireland and the UK for 15 years. It provides organisations with an affordable, bespoke design that is often found in large-scale enterprises. in2tel’s services provide communication channels for contact centres, sales and marketing teams and internal departments for a large variety of small businesses and SMEs.