Upload a Voice Prompt

    1. Go to Settings > PBX > Voice Prompts > Custom Prompts, click upload
    2. On the configuration page, click Browse to choose your audio file.


Note: The uploaded file should meet the audio file requirements.

File format – WAV, wav, or gsm file.

    • gsm 6.10 8kHz, Mono, 1Kb/s
    • alaw 8kHz, Mono, 1Kb/s
    • ulaw 8kHz, Mono, 1Kb/s
    • pcm 8kHz, Mono, 16Kb/s

File Name – Should NOT contain special characters.

File Size – Smaller than 8 MB

3. Click Upload to start uploading the file.

After the file is uploaded, you can see the file on the Custom Prompts page.