Inbound Calls

Note: The agent will need to be logged in as above.

  1. When a call arrives, the agent will hear ringing in their ear. They will need to press the green handset icon to answer the call.


  1. Once the agent answers the call, they will be presented with the ability to hold, 3way, transfer or make an enquiry call:
  • Hold – splits the audio channel between the agent and the called party.
  • 3way – this allows the agent to conference a 3rd party in to the call. Both parties will hear the 3rd party straight away.
  • Transfer – this is a blind transfer facility.
  • Enquiry call – this allows the agent to place the called party on hold and make a separate outbound call. Once the 3rd party has answered the call and had a conversation, the agent can then return to the called party, conference the 3 parties together or transfer the original called party to the 3rd