Remote working with a Cloud telephone system

Following the lockdown in both Ireland and the UK, there has been a far greater demand for home and remote working solutions.

For those businesses with infrastructures that are inherently IP-based, the transition can be simple. The question is, how to help those who are currently using legacy systems – like analogue-based phone systems.


Making the switch to a remote phone solution

Although we all wish the epidemic to be over quickly, the reality is that governments are going to force, or at the very least recommend home working for the near future. For the next few months, businesses are going to continue to operate differently.

For a business to function, collaboration is still needed no matter where its employees are situated.

As businesses start to embrace remote working, they start to see the unique value that unified communications and Cloud technology deliver. The new habits of virtual collaboration, teleconferencing, work-from-home, and remote working will become more deeply embedded behaviours in pursuit of greater flexibility. And sooner or later, the imperative need of having a resilient business continuity plan in place will accelerate the process for those still running on a landline to switch over to VoIP.


in2pbx – Cloud phone system

Developed for small and medium businesses, in2pbx offers a collaborative, agile, and inclusive virtual work environment.

in2pbx enables businesses in every industry to connect with their team and customers easily and securely from multiple devices.

It offers robust unified communications and can be rolled out quickly for customers, ensuring a smooth, and seamless, transition, therefore, making business continuity easy for companies.


Fast and easy deployment: No complicated equipment installation and no onerous configurations, in2pbx can be up and running in no time whatsoever. With it, business users can manage extensions, and call routing with zero-touch provisioning and easy customisation via a user-friendly web-based interface.

Some employees would only need to install the Linkus Softphone on their mobile devices or computer and can begin working from home in less than 48 hours.




Work from anywhere: With in2pbx, you get everything you need in one single solution.  Access via a handset, Linkus mobile app & softphone, which will allow users to make and receive calls via their business phone lines, see the status of their colleagues, chat, retrieve voicemails, and access the company phonebook easily and securely, all from their mobile phones or computer desktop.

in2pbx can be rolled out in 48 hours for any business. If you’d like to learn more about in2pbx or have any concerns, feel free to leave us your message or call 1800 91 1800.


About in2tel

in2tel is a telecoms carrier and solution provider that’s been operating in Ireland and the UK for 15 years. It provides organisations with an affordable, bespoke design that is often found in large-scale enterprises. in2tel’s services provide communication channels for contact centres, sales and marketing teams and internal departments for a large variety of small businesses and SMEs.