in2tel provide call statistics for energy business

The challenge

An Irish energy company first approached in2tel for some simple freephone services for marketing campaigns but with the requirement of an online portal to see the call statistics for each number. This requirement then grew to basic IVR services that played a legal waiver message before connecting the caller to the call centre agents.

What we did

in2tel provided the business with several freephone numbers, each number related to a marketing channel. This meant they were able to measure which channel worked best and focus their marketing budget on the areas that showed the highest ROI.

To maximise the efficiency of the call centre, we also implemented a hosted IVR with network queuing and live HTTP integration to the customer’s CRM platform. The hosted IVR was designed to send the callers to the various business departments; sales, services etc.

Our web browser portal allows the business to login from anywhere and check call statistics such as total call attempts to each number, answered calls, missed calls and traffic peaks etc.

Since then

The success of this solution meant that in2tel was invited back to discuss two further projects including supporting the business’s call centre environments and helping to provide proof of ROI for a €3 million TV campaign.