PCI-DSS Level 1 card payment system

Card payment system for call centre software

Allow your customers to make quick and secure payments via all major credit cards. Integrate into your CRM and take payments over the phone, or through secure links via SMS, email and web chat.

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Ensure all your customer’s payment data is protected over the telephone with our PCI DSS Level 1 payment system

Ensure all your customer’s payment data is protected and handled securely with a PCI DSS Level 1 payment system.

PCI DSS Level 1 is the highest level of compliance a company can achieve that stores, transmits or processes credit card data.

All major credit cards accepted

How does it work?


Simple for the customer

  • Card details are inputted via the holder’s telephone keypad
  • The agent is shielded from hearing the tones made from the customer’s keypad
  • The customer’s keypad tones are shielded from any call recordings automatically
  • The conversation/coaching can continue throughout the payment process

Simple for the agent

  • Pre validation checks are made on card details to ensure the card number is valid
  • Live transaction feedback given to the agent
  • The agent can manage the process through a simple interface and rest as required
  • No details are disclosed to the agent
Card Payment System | in2tel

We partner with RealCredit, an independently assessed payment house that meets PCI (Payment Card Industry) and DSS (Data Security Standards) compliance.

Our solution can also be integrated with existing payment provider solutions that you may already have in place.


The application is available through a secure browser login and agents can take payments from any location.

The application is simple to use for both parties and each step of the payment process is dealt with by the system with the agent following the process.

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