From 1 May 2020, 1800 numbers will be cheaper to own.

After completing extensive research, ComReg (Commission for Communications Regulation) has made the decision that it would like to see a higher uptake of NGN (non-geographic numbers).

The research on NGNs, including 1800 toll-free numbers, showed that an estimated 44% of organisations would consider using NGNs in the future if the costs were reduced.

ComReg has now decided that operator-to-operator charges, levied by the network operators, are currently too high and will now bring in new measures to reduce the costs of businesses providing 1800 numbers to its customers.

The current view is that businesses may be put off using freephone numbers, due to the high costs associated with them.

What are toll-free numbers?

1800 numbers are toll-free or freephone numbers. When calling an 1800 number, you as the caller, will not be charged and instead, the business who owns the number will pay for the call.

Due to being favourable for customers, these numbers are commonly by those who offer important services such as helplines and sales lines.

What are the benefits of toll-free numbers?

Please read our article that goes over all the benefits of owning an 1800 number.




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